Emergency Lighting


A & M Electrical provides high-performance lighting products for business spaces including emergency and critical-area lighting equipment.

Security and instructional lighting to safeguard your business resources

Emergency lighting is an integral part of the solution in the event of a fire, power-outage or any other major operation-disrupting occurrence. A & M Electrical is a trusted electrical company offering state-of-the-art lighting products, designed specifically for security and emergency purposes. From fire exit signs to security lighting installations, you can get a wide range of options. Depending on the size of your building, and nature of work, we can suggest the appropriate models for you. Our team will take care of all the electrical work involved in the installation and inspection of these products. We offer our complete service at very competitive prices as well.
Emergency lighting

Bespoke lighting products available

  • Indoor and outdoor lighting products
  • Office, home and factory lighting options
  • Lighting repairs and electrical re-wiring
  • Fire exit signs
  • Emergency exit lights
  • Security lighting
Lighting installations

A qualified electrical team for you

Our team of electricians have been providing high-quality lighting products and related electrical services for customers for over 40 years. From recommending and providing the latest lighting product options to ensuring that they are operating well, we take care of the job, from start to finish. Based in Aberdare, we can serve in Weston-Super-Mare, Cardiff, Carmarthen and surrounding areas.
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Are you in need of emergency lighting installations or testing for your building? Contact Aberdare-based A & M Electrical on 07716 246 785 or 01685 871 114

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